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Process Engineer Pulp Production

Дата публикации: 25/02/2016
Зарплата: 75 000 - 115 000 USD
Расположение работы: USA
Индустрия: Other
Контактный телефонный номер: +31 20 4919874


  • Be an operational resource for batch digesters, brown stock washing, ClO2 bleaching, and ClO2 generation by providing technical expertise. Improve efficiency and effectiveness by analyzing the processes and utilizing tools such as PI, DCS, Proficy, and Six Sigma. Assist with troubleshooting efforts by providing structure and logic to the process. Develops and maintains methods for tracking and reducing operational costs. Coordinate the efforts of our outside resources to improve our operation by filtering and utilizing appropriate information. Develop, implement and facilitate operational training programs. Provide production input to Capital projects from inception through completion. Ensure quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction through application of Disciplined Manufacturing and ISO standards and practices, reductions in cycle time, elimination of non-value adding work, and decision-making at the lowest practical level.


  • BS degree in engineering (chemical or paper science preferred) with a minimum of 3 years hands-on experience in pulping and bleaching in a paper mill environment. Demonstrated leadership abilities is preferred. Pi Process Book, MPC implementation, and knowledge of process improvement methods preferred. Must be organized and able to execute and communicate effectively. Must be able to function and contribute within a team environment.

Условия работы:

  • Location Jackson, Alabama
  • Provide technical and supervisory expertise to departmental staff assignments, support groups, and hourly employees operating pulping and bleaching, lime kiln, and caustic equipment in an accident-free environment.