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Angus Aberdeen Expert

Дата публикации: 01/06/2016
Зарплата: 100 000 - 200 000 USD
Расположение работы: Russia
Индустрия: Agriculture
Контактный телефонный номер: +31 20 4919874


  • ·Lead daily operations:
  • -nutrition,
  • - health,
  • - pasture management and utilization,
  • - forage operations.
  • ·Develop and update standard operating procedures in veterinary and adjacent prossesses;
  • ·Elaborate cattle treatment schemes with provision for animal age and extent of disease;
  • Estimate theefficiency ofelaborated treatment schemes with preparation of analytical information;
  • ·Elaborate veterinary measures purposed at increase of cattle herd livability;
  • ·Veterinarians/farm personneltrainings, exchange hands-on experience.
  • Teach and demonstrate:
  • -prevention and improving health herd strategies
  • -basic medical and surgical techniques,
  • -skills to define the degree of cattle diseases for veterinary specialists and farmoperators, diagnostic strategies to the veterinarians;
  • best beef production practicies prepare Power Point presentations related to relevant training topics.
  • ·Inspecе cattle and processes on the farms and feedlot on a regular basis.Recommend improvements and demonstrate standard veterinary procedures to and mentor the District and farm veterinarians.
  • ·Carry out farm audits in the part of cattle herd health status, develop table reports on cattle herd health status;
  • ·Determinate 2-3 apprentices and provide theirmentoring
  • ·Arrangement of anti-crisis management on the farms.
  • ·Lead genetics and purebred operations, embryo transfer programs,heat detection and semen testing


  • 1.Relevant education - University/Bachelor Degree
  • 2.5-10 years hands-on experience at top American/Australian company experience
  • 3.Deep knowledge of Angus Aberdeen breeding, experience in the horses breeding is desirable
  • 4.Embryo and genetics knowledge is desirable

Условия работы:

  • Angus Aberdeen Expert position A major Russia agricultural holding comany with 300 000 angus aberdeen cows and over 50 farms with over 5000 angus aberdeen cows each. Responsibilities: ·Introduce the most advanced technologies, practices in beef production andnew products that will have application in the project.