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Dutch-Russian Business Meeting in Tula: results

07 Jul Dutch-Russian Business Meeting took place in Tula, Russia, on the 26th and 27th of June, 2014. It was dedicated to the collaboration and relationship development between business societies of the two countries.

Nationale Rundvee Manifestatie (NRM)

04 Jul The Nationale Rundvee Manifestatie (NRM) is the №1 Dutch cattle festival of the year. It is the place where cattle farmers and farming industry leading companies meet.

RusPrix Award 2014

01 Jul Elena Bragar, account manager of European Staff B.V., visited a prestigious RusPrix Award. This event was held in Noordwijk aan Zee.

Seminar «Potato Signs» in Lipetsk

20 Jun The city of Lipetsk, known for its fertile soil and climate conditions favorable for crop production, has become an international center for potato farming due the «Potato Signs» seminar held on June 17 and 18.

GreenTech 2014: RESULTS

16 Jun European Staff B.V. took part in the biennial exhibition GreenTech Amsterdam 2014, the new platform of international horticulture technology.