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Business and Investment Opportunities for Dutch companies in Belarus

27 Feb On kind invitation of the Embassy of Belarus in the Netherlands, European Staff has participated on the seminar “Transport and Logistic Advantages of the Republic of Belarus in the frameworks of the Eurasian Economic Union”.

New Year’s meeting Russia of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion

05 Feb On January 29, European Staff has participated on the annual Russian New Year’s event organized by the NCH (Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion) in Amsterdam.

Bright Colours of Grune Woche

26 Jan In January, European Staff has represented the Foundation Dutch Russian Livestock on the International Green Week Berlin 2015.

FDRL is participating in the Trade Show AgroFarm 2015

22 Jan The leader in personnel solutions provider in Russian Agribusiness, European Staff B.V., is taking part in the international agricultural trade show AgroFarm 2015.

European Staff B.V. visiting Plus for Progress

22 Dec On 17 December ES B.V. has participated in the annual event of the association Plus for Progress. The event took place at the location of the new member – company Flevotrade in Dronten, one of the biggest Dutch producers of onions.